Vacuum cleaner for animals For owners of pets , an additional criterion must be taken into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner: it must be adapted to your small companions. Several brands are beginning to find specialized models for the extraction of animal hair. Attention, all vacuum cleaners marketed under evocative names like “Animal Care” or “Cat & Dog” are not necessarily perfectly adapted to this task. Conversely, one should not automatically eliminate a vacuum cleaner that would not make it clear his ability to suck animal hair in his name, but that would offer interesting features. Summary: Purchase guide Comparative of animal vacuum cleaners The best animalRead More →

Choose a robot vacuum cleaner The robot vacuum cleaners realize a real dream: no longer need to vacuum! A robot vacuum cleaner moves alone in your home, and sucks and sweeps the dust. It requires little attention, although sometimes it takes time to understand how it works and how to fix it. Robotic vacuums usually use a combination of rotating and suction brushes: the brushes bring dust back to the center of the vacuum cleaner and then store it in the dust bin. Most robot vacuums are able to automatically return to their station to recharge. They move about in rooms and change direction when they encounter an obstacle,Read More →

Handheld Vacuum Buying Guide

Choosing your Handheld Vacuum A hand-held vacuum cleaner , also known as a “wireless vacuum cleaner” or “table vacuum cleaner”, makes it easy to clean tables, keyboards, furniture, cars, etc. Handheld vacuums run on battery power, and are infinitely more maneuverable than conventional vacuum cleaners, although their suction power is of course much lower, and their autonomy limited (about 10 minutes in general, before needing to be reloaded). Common uses of a hand vacuum include: The collection of crumbs on a table  : it is the use of type “vacuum table”. There is no need to use a big vacuum cleaner, with the hand vacuum you can pick up theRead More →

Buying guide Broom Vacuum

Choose your Broom Vacuum The broom vacuum cleaner , with its vertical shape, can be pushed and used without having to bend down. Broom vacuum cleaners have smaller motors than conventional sled vacuum cleaners. Almost all broom vacuum cleaners sold in France are cordless and run on batteries . This is also accompanied by advantages and disadvantages: light and quick to mobilize, their maneuverability is better, but their autonomy and power are limited. The points to consider when buying a broom vacuum are: 1. Suction power Power dimmer – Rowenta Air Force RH8548 The suction power gives an idea of ​​the cleaning efficiency of a broom vacuum cleaner. It is expressed in Watts. Unfortunately, it is very difficult toRead More →

Vacuum cleaner with a bag

Choosing a vacuum cleaner with a bag The bag vacuum cleaner is the most classic vacuum cleaner. Its advantages and reliable design make it always interesting today. To choose the vacuum with bag that suits you, follow these simple rules. 1. Suction performance The easiest way to evaluate the performance of a vacuum cleaner is today to refer to the information on its energy label. Mandatory since September 2014, it mentions the following information: Energy efficiency, noted from A to G, which gives an overall indication of the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner in relation to its power consumption. The cleaning performance on carpets , rated from A to G. The cleaning performance onRead More →