Buying guide Broom Vacuum

Buying guide Broom Vacuum

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Guide to buying a broom vacuum

The broom vacuum cleaner , with its vertical shape, can be pushed and used without having to bend down.

Broom vacuum cleaners have smaller motors than conventional sled vacuum cleaners. Almost all broom vacuum cleaners sold in France are cordless and run on batteries .

This is also accompanied by advantages and disadvantages: light and quick to mobilize, their maneuverability is better, but their autonomy and power are limited.

The points to consider when buying a broom vacuum are:

1. Suction power

Power dimmer – Rowenta Air Force RH8548

The suction power gives an idea of ​​the cleaning efficiency of a broom vacuum cleaner. It is expressed in Watts. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find this information for broom vacuum cleaners, since it is only rarely given by manufacturers.

A good indicator is provided by the operating voltage of the battery . For most broom vacuum cleaners on the market, it is between 12V and 24V. The higher the value, the more powerful the motor.

The presence of a power inverter is very useful: it allows to vary the power depending on the type of soil to better manage the autonomy of the device.

A large part of the broom vacuum cleaners have a 2-position power variator: normal power for smooth floors, and high power for carpets and rugs.

2. Autonomy

The autonomy of use is very variable from one sweeper to another: from 15 to 50 minutes. The larger your dwelling is at a supermarket, the more important this criterion is.

There are two main types of batteries: NiMh batteries are cheaper, but they recharge more slowly (about 16h) and are heavier. The Li-ion batteries are more expensive, but also lighter and recharge in 4 to 6 hours.

Some broom vacuum cleaners come with a spare set of batteries.

3. Maneuverability

Most broom vacuum cleaners weigh between 2 and 4 kg. The weight is very important if you have a house on several levels, since you will regularly go up and down your broom vacuum.

Some broom vacuum cleaners are adjustable in height.

A broom vacuum that has a parking position can be locked in the upright position, which is convenient for taking breaks during housework, or for storage.

Some broom vacuum cleaners have no parking mode, but have a rubber coating on the handle to be able to press on a wall or a piece of furniture.

4. Noise

Most broom vacuum cleaners are bagless, so they are relatively noisy. To maintain good user comfort, avoid exceeding 80 dB.

5. Accessories

Some broom vacuum cleaners include a detachable hand-held vacuum , which is a big advantage since there is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner: a broom vacuum and a hand-held vacuum. The hand vacuum can be used to clean on the table, shelves, or for the car for example.

Dyson DC35 – Motorized brush

motorized brush is convenient for easily removing dust from carpets and rugs.

Most broom vacuum cleaners are equipped with an electro-brush, to help take off the dust on the carpets and carpets and compensate for the lack of suction.

If your broom vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motorized brush, check that it can be deactivated or that its power can be reduced: this will avoid damaging fragile soils such as parquet, and makes it easier to vacuum crumbs and large particles.

Other classic accessories are the long nozzle , used to clean tight spaces, and the short nozzle (or furniture brush ) for drawers, cushions …

6. Interview

Almost all broom vacuum cleaners are bagless vacuum cleaners. So there is no purchase bag to provide, but you must clean the dust bin regularly. The smaller the volume, the more often it will have to be done.

Manufacturers are making more and more effort to make emptying the dust compartment as easy as possible without having to come into contact with dust. Some can even be emptied by connecting a sled vacuum cleaner to the dust compartment.

Check that the dust compartment is removable . Some particularly poorly designed vacuum cleaners must indeed be returned whole to be emptied.

The filters used are usually permanent: they simply need to be cleaned from time to time , and do not need to be redeemed.

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